The interactive multimedia CD-ROM "Chemistry in an Aquarium" can be run on all computer systems which meet the requirements listed in the technical data section.
Once having downloaded the necessary plug-in, the programme can be started and is then self-explanatory.

   Description of the Experiment   

"Chemistry in an Aquarium" presents the fundamental principles and concepts of chemistry through the detailed study and analysis of the physico-chemical parameters associated with life in and the development of an aquarium. It illustrates the complex relation between chemistry and biological systems. This is realised using detailed theoretical outlines and illustrating practical experiments. On the CD-ROM, the user can choose from four different sections:

  1. Presentation - Introduction,
  2. Didactical Experiences,
  3. Marine Aquarium,
  4. Virtual Aquarium.

In an interactive "virtual aquarium" the user can manipulate the chemical parameters which have been explained and described by illustrative laboratory experiments (pH and buffer effect, etc.)


The duration is dependent on the time the user wants to explore the content of the CD-ROM.


An aquarium can serve as an excellent approach to describe the complex interactions in a biological ecosystem. One has to obey a balance of several chemical and physico-chemical parameters to keep an aquarium running.