In the workshop on cosmetics the visitors have the opportunity to mix

  1. a shampoo and
  2. a body lotion

from scratch. Only basic substances are used. No preservatives, perfumes or vitamins are added to explain the fundamental chemical reactions of the production of the cosmetic.

   Description of the Experiment   
  1. Shampoo:
  2. Three washing active substances (Plantacare PS 10, Lamesoft PO 65 and Dehyton AB 30) are mixed with the corresponding amount of water to deliver a simple shampoo.

  3. Body lotion:
  4. Water, oil and a substance which is necessary for the miscibility of both are reacted to give a simple body lotion.


Approximately 45 minutes are required for the entire workshop.


In daily used cosmetics only a small number of substances are needed to produce the basis of a shampoo or body lotion. These substances are responsible for the effects we want to achieve when using these cosmetics (here the cleaning of hair or skin care, respectively).

   Detailed Conclusion   

In hair shampoo the main substances are the surfactants (surface active agents) such as detergents. Among other things, these substances dissolve and remove dirt from the hair and the scalp. The major part of the shampoo is, however, ordinary water.

All creams and lotions for the skin are a mixture of oils and water. But oil and water cannot be mixed together just like that, they will separate. As oil and water are not mixable, it is necessary to use a special technique in order for them to mix. A substance called an emulsifying agent is used to assist the process.