Magnets using rare-earth metals have a much greater strength than magnets made from more traditional materials. Both, the amount of magnetic flux and the amount of magnetic force that the magnet can exert can be up to 10 times greater.

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   Description of the Experiment   

Visitors hold the samples to the magnets to experience directly the amount of magnetic attractive force produced between the magnet and the metal sample.


3 minutes to test all the metals with all the magnets.


Only the steel sample is attracted by the magnets. All the other metals are not ferro-magnetic. The two rare-earth metal magnets reveal a much stronger attractive force than the other two magnets.

   Detailed Conclusion   

The product of the magnetic flux and the magnetic force for average samples of the different types of magnets is far greater for rare earth magnets (NdFeB: 40; SmCo: 26; viz. Alnico: 5.5), and accounts for their greater magnetic strength.