"Acid Test" is an exhibit designed to illustrate the use of a pH meter, a simple item of analytical equipment. The concept of pH is explained in the simplest possible terms and the visitors are informed about the pH of everyday substances.

   About the exhibit   

This exhibit is based on a commercially available pH meter, and also a rotating turntable which are contained in an off-the-shelf glass case mounted (along with a touch screen computer monitor) on a robust custom-built desk. The drawer unit of this desk contains a programmable instrument controller (which runs the pH meter, the arm holding the pH meter electrode and the turntable), plus a computer which in turn provides the information to the visitor and signals the visitors' intentions back to the instrument controller.

   Technical Data   

Energy Source:

230 V AC (to power computer, programmable instrument controller, pH meter)


1 m


0.8 m


1.2 m


ca. 50 kg



Finished product:

Full production manual:


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Full production manual: Price category: A

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Catalyst, Widnes, UK