Allowing a suitable liquid (e.g. an acidic fruit juice) to bridge a pair of dissimilar metals (e.g. zinc and copper) produces a galvanic cell.

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Immerse the metal plates in the orange juice and you have made a battery!
Any pair of different metals will do. All batteries use two different metals and a liquid in between. This one uses copper, zinc and lemon juice!

Dipping or tilting methods can be used to link the electrodes with the solution. This process allows exploration of the concept of the battery, which can be built by the visitor.
Visitors are able to create the conditions for electrochemical activity and use it to drive a number of devices.

   Technical Data:   

Energy Source:


Diameter (box):

1.2 m.

Height (box):

1.0 m.


ca. 200 kg.

Stand-alone hands-on interactive exhibit


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Full production manual: yes

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Techniquest, Cardiff, UK