"Chemistry in an Aquarium" is an interactive CD-ROM informing about the technical features of an aquarium, the chemical and physical parameters monitored, experiments and observations relating to an aquarium.

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"Chemistry in an Aquarium" is a model of a simplified ecosystem used as the basis for introducing a number of fundamental concepts and principles of the various areas of science, following an approach in which the close relations between them are illustrated. For Chemistry in particular, the investigations of the experimental conditions necessary for setting up and maintaining an aquarium can represent a good opportunity for revising basic knowledge, within areas such as chemical equilibria, pH and the mechanisms behind "buffer capacity", solubility of solids and gases, redox reactions (which can be applied by its connections with life and the metabolism of micro-organisms) and of all the other living organisms of the ecosystem model.
This CD-ROM will allow the to understand (in an interactive way) the various contents of an aquarium.

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