The "Crime lab" is an individualised laboratory program where the participant have the opportunity to use chemical, biochemical and technological methods to performe a crime detection.

   About the workshop   

The participants in the workshop get a personal, hands-on experience of science (first of all chemistry, biochemistry and technology) as an important "partner" in crime detection. Target group on workdays: school classes, grade 6-10 and on weekends: family groups. This is an individualised laboratory programme with an introduction on video and guided by a tutor. The crime is a "hit and run case" very close to reality. The video introduction shows the technical department of the police on the scene of the crime. How do the police find and secure the traces of the crime? The following laboratory work closely follows the professional procedures used by the police laboratory and other specialist labs in universities, hospitals, etc. In the end of the lab session the traces are evaluated. The lab work allows us identify the guilty among four suspicious persons.

   Technical Data   

A close area holding 28 seats must be provided as well as a guide to prepare, run and clean up after the workshop. Different technical equipment must be obtained locally according to a list "materials and technical requirements".


Full production manual: yes

   Price information   

Full production manual: Price category: A

Please contact the producer or the project manager for detailed information.


Experimentarium - The Danish Science Centre, Copenhagen, DK.