All Prototypes

Acid Test
Build a Battery
Chemistry in an Aquarium
Crime Lab
Everyday Chemistry Lab
Gas Chromatography
Growing Crystals
Hydrogen Rocket
Join the Great Fat Debate
Miniature Magnets
Ozone Layer
Paper Chromatography
Plastic Properties
Slippery Surfaces

Discover the new exhibits, workshops, films and shows developed in the "CHEMistry for Life" project. Find detailed information about the individual projects.

The Virtual Gallery collects all new CHEMistry for Life products in a virtual environment. While still diffused in the producing museums and science centres all over Europe, we offer you this virtual walk through an absolutely unique chemistry gallery.

Learn more about chemistry.
See how European Science Centres and Museums met the challenge to display the fascinating world of chemistry through innovative projects.

Are you a professional who is interested to create a new chemistry gallery or update your old chemistry gallery at your Science Centre or Museum? You find detailed information about each product. Please choose your favourites, or, ask for the whole pool of products.