"Everyday Chemistry Lab" is a workshop where visitors can develop their own body lotion and shampoo.
In connection with this workshop, the idea is to have the opportunity to meet 'the expert arrangement' where the visitors can meet various kind of experts with expertise in different aspects of cosmetics - for example dermatologists, chemists or pharmacist. In a database the visitors can search in a database for information about different cosmetic products. The visitor can find information about a) the total content of ingredients and b) the function of the different ingredients of 15 different shampoos and lotions.

   About the exhibit   

After the safety instructions and the introduction of the workshop and the database, each visitor makes a portion of shampoo and a portion of body lotion.
The products are made from simple recipes and a minimum of ingredients so that the visitor get an impression of how few ingredients are actually needed to produce a product which works quite well. The recipes and the "how-to-do" procedure are described on the visitor fact sheets.
At computer terminals the visitor can find more information about cosmetics and their ingredients.

   Technical Data   

The equipment needed is listed in the fact sheets and the manuals. The experiments should be carried out in a laboratory designed for that purpose.


Full production manual: yes

   Price information   

Full production manual: Price category: A

Please contact the producer or the project manager for detailed information.


Experimentarium - The Danish Science Centre, Copenhagen, DK.