The interactive multimedia exhibition "The great fat debate" was developed to enable visitors to find out about different views of the potential advantages and disadvantages of Olestra, the fat substitute, through a touch-screen multimedia exhibit with surrounding text panels and a small display of products containing Olestra.

   About the exhibit   

"The great fat debate" was a temporary exhibition at the Science Museum in London. Visitors were able to record their own views on paper. Some of these comments were selected by the exhibition team and added to a growing ring-bind of visitors' comments that could be read by all subsequent visitors. The producer is able to deliver: a summary of the evaluation of the exhibit (which was designed particularly as a model for building exhibits to address controversial issues) and a more detailed description of the exhibit, which should enable another centre to develop a similar exhibit.

   Technical Data   

The exhibition consisted of seven graphic panels, a housing for a computer and a touch-screen monitor and a table with a paper and pencil system for visitors comments. One of the panels had an attached Perspex showcase, in which were displaying products which containing Olestra.


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Science Museum, London, UK.