This hands-on exhibit measures the elements of a piece of metal, e.g. a wedding ring. The user will get a print with the results of the analysis are written. All elements chemically heavier than aluminium can be measured. Even if the method is not reliable in every case it will give valuable information about the elements composing an item.

   About the exhibit   

A visitor has to do a few simple things: just attach any piece of jewellery to the hanger and start the analysis. The measurement will be visualised by a computer animation. The measurement will be completed in three minutes and the results of the analysis will be printed for the visitor. The printout shows the names and percentages of the three most common elements in the object. No damage will be caused to the object.
In this exhibit, the x-ray fluorescence is initiated by an x-ray tube or a radioactive isotope Americium 241 in a radiation safe container. The analyser is connected to a computer and a printer.

   Technical Data   

Energy Source:

230 V AC


2.0 m.


1.2 m.


1.6 m.


±250 kg.

The use of radioactive substances is subject to official licence in Finland (Finnish Centre for Radiation and Nuclear Safety). The need for official licence in other European countries has to be checked beforehand if Americium 241 will be used. For copies of this exhibit, it is necessary that the radiation source will be purchased by the institution itself, not the producer.


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yes (without radiation source)

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Heureka, Vantaa, Finland.