The hydrogen rocket is an interactive hands-on exhibit showing the energy used and released by electrolysis of water, separating it into hydrogen and oxygen. At the same time it shows the opposite explosive reaction of the gas mixture producing water.

   About the exhibit   

The hydrogen rocket is a stand-alone exhibit which needs a 220 V AC source to run the electronic control. The visitors provide the energy to produce the gases.

A cylindrical wooden box (1.2 m in diameter and 1.0 m height) contains the generator and the electronic components. The diluted acid is stored in a glass cylinder (about 20 cm in diameter) which is protected by another cylinder made of perplex. This construction allows the observation of the evolution of the gases at the electrodes: One can see that the gases are produced in a volume ratio of 2:1 (hydrogen: oxygen).

Two valves are located under the combustion chamber that is closed by the small wooden rocket. This "stopper" is allowed to move along a vertical wire when the gas mixture is fired. The wire is connected to the ceiling (about 3 - 6 metres length).
The whole exhibit weighs about 300 kg.
The producer can provide the finished product and a detailed technical description of this product.

   Technical Data:   
Energy Source: 220 V AC
Diameter (box): 1.2 m.
Height (box): 1.0 m.
Total exhibit height: 3-6 meter
Weight: +/-300 kg.

Finished product: yes
Full production manual: yes

   Price information   

Finished product: Price category: D
Full production manual: Price category: A
Please contact the producer or the project manager for detailed information.


Techniquest, Cardiff, UK