Miniature magnets is a exhibit which illustrates the high strength of modern magnetic materials which are prepared from rare-earth metal compounds that are themselves extracted from solution by ion-exchange chromatography.

   About the exhibit   

This exhibit is built on a metal-framed wooden stand with a large wooden model of a horseshoe magnet mounted on the stand.

Samples of the four magnetic materials Alnico (general composition: Al-Ni-Co), Boron Iron Neodymium (general composition Nd2Fe14B), Ferrite (general composition BaFe2O3 or SrFe2O3), Samarium Cobalt (two compositions are known: Sm1Co5 and Sm2Co17) are mounted on the large wooden magnet so that they can be reached by all visitors.

The magnet samples are held in place by aluminium rings and also protected by transparent plastic where necessary. At the bottom of the exhibit there is a tray holding samples of various metals with handles so that they can easily be manipulated. The samples of metals are (1) Brass Steel, (2) Stainless Steel and (3) Aluminium.

   Technical Data:   
Energy Source: None
Width: 0.8 m
Depth: 0.8 m
Height: 1.8 m
Weight: ca. 100kg

Finished product: no
Full production manual: yes

   Price information   
Finished product: Price category: B
Full production manual: Price category: A

Please contact the producer or the project manager for detailed information.


Catalyst, Widnes, UK