The Ozone Layer is an interactive hands-on exhibit showing how ozone in the stratosphere protects life on Earth - i.e. people, animals and plants - against dangerous UV radiation from the sun.

   About the exhibit   

The exhibit has the shape of a regular dodecahedron, a geometric structure with twelve planes. It is painted in unsaturated blue colours with wide cloud bands to resemble the Earth as seen from space. When the visitor approaches the exhibit, he stands at the border of the atmosphere and a window allows him to look down to the Earth through the atmosphere. When he puts his head near to the window a complete large globe is literally created due to the view box is made from a kaleidoscope with slightly tilted mirrors.

On the other side of the exhibit, opposite to the view box, 3 large windows allows the visitor to look into the "Ozone factory" consisting of an Oxygen pressurised bottle, an Ozone generator, exhaust pump and filter. Also here a poster shows a graphical presentation of the action of Ozone in the Stratosphere to the radiation spectre from the Sun.

   Technical Data   

Energy Source:

220 V AC


160 cm


160 cm


160 cm


180 kg.

5 litre/200 Bar pressurised Oxygen bottle

Reduction valve 1,2 Bar ABS

Magnet valve

Control box with activation buttons

Ozone generator 70 l/hour

Ozone filter

Pump, dP = 100 mBar


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Experimentarium - The Danish Science Centre, Copenhagen, DK.