Plastic Properties allows the visitor to investigate a range of properties of a range of everyday plastics.

   About the exhibit   

Plastic Properties is a metal-framed pentagonal structure with wooden panels on which the investigations are mounted. One of the panels can be removed to allow access to the interior. Transparency: has the following plastics polystyrene polypropylene polythene, nylon and polymethylmethacrylate mounted on a rotating wheel passing in front of an illuminated photograph.

Conductivity: has a simple electrical circuit with an electrical amplifier and buzzer mounted so that the conducting plastic can be determined to be polystyrene conducting polythene nylon.

Flexibility: has three plastic sample strips forming a loop (polystyrene, polypropylene and PVC) and fixed in a shallow grooves such that they form a loop within the groove so that they can be pushed down to examine their flexibility. Investigating the examples of objects made from plastic to illustrate that the key property of all plastic materials is that they can be moulded. Flaps can be lifted to discover information about the materials. We have used: a PVC window frame polyurethane shoe soles polypropylene chair polythene bucket. In each case there is additional information provided.

   Technical Data   

Energy Source:

230v AC for transparency and conductivity sections


1.2 m across centre


not applicable


2.2 m


ca. 130 kg.


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Catalyst, Widnes, UK.