Sunscreen preparations are widely used and widely advertised in a manner which implies a good level of customer understanding of how they work. The exhibit allows the visitor to explore the effectiveness of different sunscreen preparations on the penetration of ultraviolet light.

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A UV source of controllable intensity illuminates the sunbathers who are sun screened by different products. The concept of "sun protection factor" is explained. The visitor can see a beach scene with plastic laminate sunbathers. A control knob allow you to vary the weather - i.e. to change the level of UV radiation. The bathers will glow because of the UV sensitive coating. The coating can be impregnated with sunscreen products so the extent to which they "burn" will depend on the level of radiation and the type of sunscreen lotion used.

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1.0 m.


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1.0 m.


ca. 100 kg.

Stand-alone, hands-on interactive exhibit


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Techniquest, Cardiff, UK.